CMMC Consulting

Expert cybersecurity and compliance advice to help you achieve full CMMC compliance

Learn the Secrets to Meeting US DoD Standards

US Department of Defense contractors and vendors are required to comply with strict CMMC standards, as they may deal with data pertinent to national security, specifically federal contract information (FCI) and controlled unclassified information (CUI).

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Keeping FCI and CUI secure is no easy feat, and CMMC’s intricacies make compliance a challenge. It’s best to rely on the knowledge and expertise of GIO Technologies, Inc.’s CMMC compliance consultants. We’ll assess your system and offer you guidance in building a strategy toward CMMC compliance.

The key to making your system CMMC-compliant is preparation

We provide our CMMC compliance clients CMMC Gap Assessments to identify areas of improvement and for our cybersecurity experts to know where to start in improving your system. We’ll also provide a roadmap of actions we’ll take — such as implementing solutions and facilitating employee training — to steadily get your system on par with CMMC standards.

We’ll also prepare you for the official CMMC Certification Assessment by conducting a final pre-assessment and providing you with more consultations after we implement the improvements.