CMMC Gap Assessment

Identify your system’s CMMC deficiencies so you know where to make improvements

The First Step to CMMC Compliance Is Knowing Where Your Gaps Are

Even the most bespoke IT systems have gaps, especially considering how stringent CMMC standards are. Know where yours lie with our CMMC Gap Assessment. We’ll assess your cybersecurity posture and test your defenses to give you a clear picture of what needs to be improved in your system.

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What you can expect from our CMMC Gap Assessment

GIO Technologies Inc.’s cybersecurity experts will give your office a visit to check your systems and interview your organization’s key managers. This assessment and interview session aims to benchmark your current data security posture, including your physical security measures. We will then send you a CMMC Gap Assessment report showing the findings of our visit.

The report will highlight areas in your cybersecurity that require immediate attention for you to meet the rigors of a certification audit. The report will also contain recommendations and cybersecurity best practices for you to implement.

We’ll also recommend any of our cybersecurity solutions and services that will elevate your security profile and enable you to meet CMMC compliance requirements.