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We know there are other IT providers you can choose to work with, but things are done a little differently at GIO. We believe that you benefit more when we work with you as your IT partner
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We’re on a mission to equip your small or medium business with the tools and technology that let you forget about your IT and concentrate on doing what it is you’re great at - growing your company and making your customers smile.

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  • Our clients say it best

    We contacted GIO Technologies, Inc. to provide all of the necessary components for our company’s IT requirements. After taking the time to thoroughly examine our business goals, GIO Technologies, Inc installed all of our IT needs. Now that we are up and running, we could not be more pleased with their solution. GIO Technologies, did more than set up our company, they provided valuable insight to advance our company into the future. We are very happy with GIO Technologies, Inc. service, professionalism, and fast response time. With GIO Technologies, Inc, I am confident that I am being taken care of at all times.

    Paul Konschak,
    Executive Vice President, Cove Electric, Inc.

  • Our clients say it best

    GIO Technologies has helped my Insurance Agency grow through automating processes through technology. They know the Insurance Business which makes them an extremely valuable partner for my business. GIO Tech is our one-stop shop for technology needs.

    Tony Giangiordano,
    President, AAG Insurance

  • Our clients say it best

    As a software trainer, I really appreciate having GIO Technologies as a business partner. I can refer clients who are struggling with IT vendors or IT issues to GIO Tech and know they will take care of their problems in an efficient and professional manner. Knowing that I can refer clients to GIO Tech takes away my “guilt” at not being an IT guru and allows me to concentrate on software training. I’ve been referring to GIO Tech for 9 years and it has always been a winner for me, and my clients love them!

    Karen Simms,
    President, Simms Consulting, Inc.

  • Our clients say it best

    GIO Technologies is my #1 choice for computer support. Partnering with GIO Technologies allows me to focus 100% on the growth of my business and not have to worry about technology issues. If there ever are problems there is an extremely fast response time and we always receive top notch service!

    Jeffrey Hawk,
    President, Maryland Mutual Mortgage, LLC.

Putting the power of technology back in your business!

For more than a decade we’ve been delighting companies throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania with our rapid response times, our proactive support, and our reliability and honesty. We understand you might not love IT - but we adore it and this shows in everything we do.

Our services help YOU do more
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Managed IT Services - Baltimore, Hartford, Towson, Forest Hill

Managed Services

Hate managing your IT? Current IT guy just not cutting it? Our Managed Services help you breathe easier because we’ll take care of your IT while you focus on running your business.


Business Continuity

What would happen if disaster struck? A fire or a server crash? We know you don’t want to go there, but a continuity plan is the difference between getting back up and running quickly - or not at all.

IT Consulting - Baltimore, Hartford, Towson, Forest Hill

IT Consulting

GIO’s strategic planning and infrastructure design make sure that your staff and company (and bottom line!) are getting the most out of your technology investment

Cloud Computing Services - Baltimore, Hartford, Towson, Forest Hill

Cloud Services

Our teams love Microsoft’s space-saving virtual solutions which is why we’re ready to spring into action and help you migrate your IT from your office environment and into the cloud.

VoIP Business Phone Systems - Baltimore, Hartford, Towson, Forest Hill


If you want to make your voice heard in today’s increasingly crowded marketplace you need a communications system that does your company justice. It’s time to switch to VoIP.

Virtualization Solutions - Baltimore, Hartford, Towson, Forest Hill


Empower your business, employees and clients with collaborative tools that save you time and office space, and enhance communication. You’ll lower your electricity bills too - can’t be bad!

Email & Spam Protection - Baltimore, Hartford, Towson, Forest Hill

Email & Spam Protection

You need email to run your business. You don’t need an inbox full of spam and viruses. We know! - We don’t like it either. Our email and spam protection makes your inbox a safer place to be.

Hosted Solutions - Baltimore, Hartford, Towson, Forest Hill

Hosted Solutions

It’s no secret that investing in the latest software releases can put a strain on your budget. But what you may not know is that when we host them for you, you’ll get updated apps for a much lower cost.

Somehow we find the time to blog too!

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